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Confetti Snacks (SG)

Marvellous Veggie Chips
Confetti Fine Foods crafts marvellous, award-winning vegetable chips dressed in exotic, adventurous flavours. Venture-backed and based in Singapore and NYC, their scrumptious plant-based gourmet snacks are up-cycled from ugly produce, and deliver a punch of veggie goodness. A portion of all their proceeds go to the fight to end global hunger, and also contribute to efforts for environmental causes, with the support of 1 for a Better Planet, the Center for Responsible Future, and Business for Good.

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Fenn Foods (AUS)

Plant-based ‘Beef’ Burger Patties
With celebrated chef Alejandro Cancino at the helm, Fënn Foods has paved the way forwards toward a healthy, plant-based future for Australians since 2015. Their natural, high-quality and seriously delicious vegan fare puts sustainability at the heart of every decision - in fact, they are the first producer of carbon-neutral plant-based mince beef. Their smoky vEEF patties are already available in stores in Australia and Singapore, and they’re set to appeal to (and surprise) everyone.

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Karana (SG)

Minimally Processed Whole-plant Meat
Karana is a whole-plant meat company with a vision for a world where plants dominate our plates. A world where you don’t have to choose between taste, health or sustainability. Karana takes whole-plant ingredients and does extraordinary things with them, creating irresistibly meaty products without the need for heavy processing or any artificial nasties. The range will launch with a pork alternative for food service before expanding into ready to cook Dim Sum.

• No protein isolates, concentrates or texturates
• No preservatives or artificial flavors.
• No long ingredient lists

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Superfood Beverage Mixes

LVL Life produces functional, superfood, plant-based drinks to get us through our every day, at our very best. LVL is focused on building demand by pushing products through B2B channels such as Gyms, Corporate Offices, and HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes). In parallel, they have an increasingly growing e-commerce presence for direct-to-consumer sales. With the plant based beverages and functional beverages markets growing at CAGRs of 12% and 8.6% respectively, LVL Life is poised for success!

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Phuture (MY)

Plant-based Minced ‘Pork’ and Burger Patties
Phuture Foods is a plant-based food company, pioneering meat substitutes to cater to the diverse needs of the Asian market. Its flagship product - Phuture Mince, is a substitute for ground pork made with a variety of plant-based ingredients which include non-GMO soy protein, pea protein, chickpea protein and rice. Phuture Mince has recently been soft launched in SG and Phuture Foods is working with local chefs to showcase the ease and versatility of how the product can be incorporated in Asian cuisine.

Phuture Foods aims to address the long-term sustainability and security of pork supply since it is the most common meat consumed in Asia, yet very susceptible to disruptions such as the African Swine Flu.
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WTH Foods (PH)

Plant-based Minced Meat – Giniling (Filipino Pork Dish)
WTH Foods is a plant-based alternative protein company from the Philippines giving farm-to-table a new meaning, by transforming produce that would otherwise go to waste into delicious Filipino favorites. They aim to lead Asia’s transition to sustainable meat alternatives by innovating with carefully-sourced local produce and taking inspiration from local flavors. Currently, their product offering includes mung bean ground beef and jackfruit pulled pork.

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Zhenmeat (CN)

Plant-based Minced ‘Beef’
Zhenmeat, meaning precious meat in mandarin, is a plant-based company in China. They are mainly focused on creating the plant-based meat suitable for Chinese cooking styles, such as for hotpot. Their make delicious vegetarian products which are not only healthier and nutritious, but also better for the environment by eliminating the impact of commercial farming.

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Gaia Foods (SG)

Mammalian Muscle Tissue
Gaia Foods is South East Asia's first cultivated red meat company, aiming to provide meats that are clean and guilt-free for Asian consumers. They are using Stem Cells technology to produce meat that tastes and feels exactly like the meat that you love eating, without killing any animals in the process. Founded and led by Vinayaka Srinivas and Thanh Hung Nguyen, scientists by training with over 20+ years experience in Biological research, Gaia Foods is here to cater for the conscious consumer.

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Gourmey (FR)

Foie Gras
GOURMEY is France's first cultured meat company, reinventing France's most iconic delicacy: foie gras. Its mission is to accelerate the world’s transition toward humane, sustainable and healthy meat by harvesting it from animal cells. They aim to be a vertically integrated company, ‘from cells to fork’.

Its business strategy consists of building a technology platform around duck stem cells that will give life to meat products sold under its consumer brand, which will be first distributed in premium channels like high-end restaurants.

Chef’s Profiles →

Chef José Luis

Classic Fine Foods
With almost two decades of professional pastry experience Chef José Luis Del Amo spent the formative years of his career at Comas, a Patisserie lead by Miquel Comas, a member of the Relais Dessert International. Chef Jose further developed his craft at OMM in Spain in the disciplined kitchen of The Roca Brothers at the three Michelin stared Celler de Can Roca. He decided to expand his horizon and move to London at the two Michelin stared restaurant Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. This valuable experience developing remarkably innovative and highly modern dishes while using flawless technique culminated in Chef Jose being offered the highly converted position of Head Pastry chef for the Roka Group.

Subsequentially, he supervised the pastry side of the Langham Hotel in London and worked alongside Executive Chef Andrew Gravett. Chef Jose decided to finally land in Singapore and share his knowledge and expertise amongst pastry teams and sweet lovers. He continues to push the boundaries of the sweet course with complex and elegant creations.

Chef Terence Chua
Terence Chua joined Tiffinlabs as the R&D Chef overseeing new product launch and the R&D facility at the Culinary Institute of America  - Singapore.  He is also the Chef-Owner of South Union Park and Eleven Strands which he established in 2016 and 2018 respectively. Terence has worked at Les Amis, Jaan with Andre Chiang in Singapore, Mugaritz, San Sebastian (which was the 3rd Best Restaurant in the World at that time), Narisawa, Tokyo and Quince Restaurant, San Francisco, a 3 Michelin star restaurant.

Chef Wenfu Lai
Wenfu Lai joined Tiffinlabs in early 2020 as a R&D chef. He began his career working for high-end establishments such as Grand Hyatt, Resort Spa Sentosa and The British Club Singapore before joining Delta Senior School as a culinary chef.  Wenfu made the transition from restaurants chef to join Pizza Hut (YUM Brands) as a R&D chef for Singapore, developing recipes, training and establish SOPs for the whole menu across the country.

Chef Marcus Quek
Marcus Quek joined Tiffinlabs in late 2019 and drives innovation and incorporating new techniques in operationalizing new menus and dishes.  Marcus later completed his diploma in Culinary arts at Shatec in Singapore, and he has spent the last decade working in the field as a chef and entrepreneur  His most recent role was as head chef of a Peranakan Japanese fusion restaurant in Boat Quay as well as owning his own virtual brand in the cloud kitchen space.

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Date 23rd Oct 2020
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The Master Series (TMS) by STATE Creative is a curatorial and editorial platform. In The Masters Series Q4 editorial titled New Future, we explore the topic on the rise of alternative proteins and their new found popularity in the food industry.

Big Ideas Ventures and STATE Creative proudly presents: The Masters Series: Tasting Big Ideas, a virtual tasting project. We are excited for you to join us in our mission to showcase Asia Pacific’s next generation of alternative protein.

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Big Ideas Ventures (BIV) is solving the world's greatest challenges by supporting the best entre-preneurs. BIV is a venture capital fund and startup accelerator investing in and accelerating top performers in the new food space.

BIV’s New Protein Fund invests in the most innovative companies working on plant-based foods/ingredients, food technology, and alternative proteins.


The only fine foods specialist to operate in 11 different countries across Europe, The Middle East and Asia. Their mission is to source and bring exceptional ingredients and unique gourmet products to the most demanding chefs around the world, whatever their type of cuisine and cooking style.


Grab is the leading digital lifestyle app in Southeast Asia. We provide convenient everyday services including on-demand transport, deliveries (food, groceries, essentials and parcel delivery), digital payment and financial services to consumers and businesses in 394 cities across eight countries.

Through our open tech platform, business-to-business services and large delivery network, we empower businesses of all sizes to go online, scale up digitally and reach millions of highly-engaged consumers in Southeast Asia.


STATE is a multidisciplinary agency that works predominantly with Food and Beverage, retail and lifestyle clients. The team currently manages accounts in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and most recently, Spain.


TiffinLabs is a food technology company that is re-engineering the food value chain to provide consumers with restaurant-quality food at home. We are passionate about food and invested in capabilities, people, technology and partnerships to deliver the best in-home dining experience to our consumers around the world.


Founded in 2006, BioPak is the leading eco-friendly foodservice packaging company in Australia and New Zealand. We offer packaging supplies made from rapidly renewable, plant-based raw materials for businesses who, like us, want to preserve and protect the environment for current and future generations.